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Privacy Policy

Softener Services


1. Current charges are available on request.

2. Labour is guaranteed for 90 days.

2.1 A false call out charge within the guarantee period will apply as follows:

2.1.1 Failure to replenish with salt

2.1.2 Resetting of the controller

2.1.3 Fault arising from repairs carried out by another engineer not authorised by Softener Services.

2.1.4 Faults arising from faulty plumbing or electrics

2.1.5 Any defect or damage occasioned by fire, storm, flood or other extraneous causes.

3. Replaced parts are guaranteed for 12 months.

4. Repair parts not included are parts used for the installation of the product, eg pressure reducing valves, by-pass valves.

5. Softener Services will offer its services Monday to Friday on an am/pm basis. A specific time cannot be entered into.

6. A customer will be deemed liable for any repeat visit made as a result of a customer not being present to an appointment and where no notification was given to cancel such appointment.

7. The customer has the right to cancel their appointment up to 24 hours before their appointment, after which a cancellation charge will apply.

8. In the event that Softener Services is unable to repair or service your water softener, or the water softener has restricted access a call out charge will apply.

9. Softener Services reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of any appliance for its services.

10. Softener Services shall not be liable if it is unable to carry out its obligations due to industrial dispute or force majeure.

11. Softener Services shall not be liable for any consequential loss howsoever arising.