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Most water softeners will come supplied with a standard 15mm installation kit. An optional 22mm Hi-Flow fitting kit (suitable for a pressurised system) is also available. All water softeners should be installed in compliance with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. The PDF file below will give you guidance on the installation of a Water Softener and is based on a domestic application.

When a client decides they want a Water Softener for the first time, we will at first request to visit the property to carry out a short site survey to ensure what we recommend is suitable for the proposed job in hand.

When the water softener is bought directly from us, we offer a full installation service from one of our own in house senior engineers with many years experience. All of the correct water regulations will be adhered to and only quality plumbing parts used too. Each installation is completely bespoke, however cost wise most installations are similarly priced unless additional ancillary parts are required.

What we ensure is that you will get a great job, carried out by a competent engineer from the same company that manufactures, guarantees and services your new Water Softener.

Please note: Commercial installation will vary depending on the plumbing layout and application.



We know from years of experience that the only way to keep customers satisfied is through our own dedicated service team, therefore all of our engineers are employed by us. We offer a service to suit your demands, whether that is on a call by call basis, regular service contracts or just supplying parts, we are here to help.

All Water Softeners are designed to work quietly, efficiently and without fuss and for the majority of its lifespan will remain extremely reliable. We  do recommend that a routine service is carried out every two years to ensure continued efficient running, and that settings are checked and maintained and any small filters and seals are replaced to prolong the life expectancy of the whole unit.  

However, you must remember that this is dependent on how hard the unit is working – a smaller capacity unit working in a high water usage household will require more regular upkeep so call us on 01376 329729 if you want to clarify your own  situation.

We service and repair many makes and models of water softeners. Many may be unavailable to buy now or indeed source replacement parts for, however you can call us on the number below for the details on which models we can help you with.


  • Any models with a Fleck, Autotrol or Cappers valve
  • Any manufacturers  including Aquadial, Clack, Coral, Culligan, Ecowater, Ensign, Euro, Genus, Harveys, Homesoft, Kinetico, Mayfair, Monarch, Nuwave, Permo, Permutit, Tapworks, Waterside.

If you are unsure about your own model please call on 01376 329729 where we will be happy to help you.