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MAY 22ND 2017


Summer Holiday TimeAround this time of year, we get numerous phone calls into our Softeners Services support desk asking what will happen to the water softener while you are away!

It depends on your water softener to be honest, if it’s a more modern meter controlled unit, it will sit and wait for you patiently having its own holiday in a way as no water will pass through the unit, it simply won’t regenerate. However if you have an older time controlled model it will carry on regenerating regardless so wasting both salt and water unnecessarily.

So you have two choices as follows:

  • On a Timer controlled model, you will need to turn off the power to the softener so it will not regenerate.
  • On a Meter controlled model, it will not regenerate unless water is used so you may leave the power on or turn it off, whichever you prefer.

As a precautionary measure for both types, you can also choose to bypass your water softener by closing the inlet and outlet taps and opening the bypass tap meaning water cannot pass through your machine.

Once home, close the bypass tap and open the inlet and outlet taps to the softener, flick the power back on and set the clock to the correct time and press the immediate regeneration button there and then to clean the resin bed for use again immediately.

If you have been away more than a couple of weeks, consider 2 or 3 regenerations to ensure the resin is fully flushed through.

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