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JUNE 26TH 2017

Single Cylinder Water Softeners vs Block Salt Softeners

We often get asked by customers, why should they buy one of our cheaper single cylinder Water Softeners when they are being recommended that they need a more expensive Block salt softener?

The simple fact is they both soften water and use salt during the regeneration process. The quality of the soft water is exactly the same, no different whatsoever despite what is sometimes suggested.

The Block salt units are metered, use 2 smaller softening vessels linked together that produce small volumes of soft water. They operate back and forth therefore regenerating more frequently and initially on the face of it appear to use less salt and water to clean themselves.

Our Water softeners are metered, use a single larger softening vessel that regenerates every few days (at 2am when you are unlikely to be using water) that produces a larger volume of soft water. It therefore appears to use more salt and water to clean itself, however if you do the comparisons the single cylinder units are actually more efficient in both salt and water usage as they simply regenerate less frequently!

Finally, water softeners can use tablet, granular or block salt, it simply dissolves so the convenience of block salt is there for everyone to enjoy if they so wish.

So why pay more for something that does exactly the same job? 

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